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Based upon our years of supporting the Defense and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) communities, we understand the importance of security and anonymity while interacting with web services.

Network-based solutions, such as VPNs or the TOR network provide anonymity from a network perspective, but they do not protect against various other methods of tracking users that are not reliant on the user’s point of presence on the internet. And while anti-tracking services, such as incognito or privacy mode provide some measure of protection against tracking, advances in system/behavior fingerprinting render these protections obsolete.

Managed Attribution

Kasm Workspaces is a Zero-Trust Web Intermediary where all web interactivity is executed in docker containers running in an anonymous public cloud.

The remote Kasm cloud environment is destroyed after each session, ensuring system or network-based methods of tracking/identifying users cannot persist to the next user session or ever be traced to the origin. Your web interaction will feel as if you are experiencing the web from your workstation, however, since web content never directly interacts with your computer, you remain private, anonymous and untraceable.

Enabling Secure Collections

Military grade security technology protects your resources from being exposed or compromised.

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Private & Non-Attributable

Containerized browser workloads execute from our network of global cloud provider points of presence to ensure that your source remains confidential.

Zero-trust Isolation

Agentless browser sessions consist of a stream of the remotely executed resource to ensure no content is ever stored or executed on your system.


Browsers/desktops are temporary and destroyed after each session to prevent fingerprinting and eliminate all session artifacts.

Full Featured

Launch from the latest (Built Nightly) full versions of browsers and desktops to ensure compatibility with extensions, plug-ins and applications.

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