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Kasm Desktop and Application Isolation Platform

Kasm is a web accessible desktop/application isolation platform that is focused on accessiblity, security, and extensibility.


Kasm insulates its users by creating a "chasm" between the user's personal computer and web-born threats. The Kasm runs in a fresh, secure and isolated environment each use.


A core principle of the Kasm environment is that it is disposable. With a click of a button all data is destroyed. Spin up a fresh environment whenever you like.


Login to your Kasm from any modern web browsers. Host the entire stack on premises or have us host it for you!


The Kasm Server can be configured for a number of different use cases making it ideal for a number of different scenarios. The Kasm images can be customized to host a single application or a full desktop environment with any number of applications.

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Try Kasm Web Desktop Free! No installation necessary.


The number of security threats on the internet is stagering. Kasm creates a large space between you and the threats on the internet.


Corporate Breaches


Billion Identities Exposed


Million new malware variants


Ransomware Detections


Protect your enterprise from the internet or make your organization's traffic truly anonymous. Kasm is available for the Enterprise as both an on premise and cloud based solution.

Secure Browsing

One of the weakest parts of the enterprise is the internal user going to the internet.

Secure Operating System

Users browse to the internet on a clean, secured, and updated OS each time they login.

Anonymize Traffic

Anonymize your traffic and ensure no trace is left on your browser and OS.


Kasm is accessed directly from any modern browser. No need to install software.


Kasm easily scales to meet your organizations needs.


Kasm is build on containarization technology. Create and destroy secure Kasm environments at will.

Secure Clipboard

Copy and Paste of text content to and from the Kasm environment can enabled via administrator policies.


Download files from and Upload files to the Kasm environment in accordance with administrator policies.


Stream real-time audio from the Kasm environment.


Kasm Cloud For Teams

Kasm cloud is a hosted SaaS solution making it easy to get up and running. All resources are hosted in the cloud for you convenience and security.

Kasm Server

Run the entire stack locally. Kasm server is free for personal use.

Contact Us for details.


Community Support and Documentation

A community portal for everyone to find answers, ask questions, and get documentation.

Community Support

Open Source Components

The base Kasm desktop and browser containers are open source and supported at the following locations.

Base Image Bitbucket DockerHub
Remote Browser Base Image Bitbucket DockerHub

Our Team

Kasm Technologies

Kasm Technologies was founded by a team of engineers with a background in the federal government and private sectors. We have a wealth of experience in information security at all layers, in both offensive and defensive postures. This unique perspective gives us an edge on how to truely protect networks from today's advanced persistant threats.

Our headquarters is located in Mclean, VA at Tyson's Corner.


Kasm Technologies LLC

1765 Greensboro Station Place
9th Floor | Tower 1
McLean, VA 22102