Kasm Container Streaming Platform

Developer API

Develop custom streaming containerized apps. The Kasm platform handles orchestration, end-user authentication, policy enforcement, logging, security, data loss prevention, and more. Use the Developer API to leverage Kasm Workspaces on the backend of your own applications.

API Documentation

Fully Customizable

Create your own vision and easily stream containerized applications inside of your application. For the easiest of use cases, simply drop in an iframe or a link to a streamed app, such as this example. For full control you can use the Workspaces Developer API to handle just about any use case. See our example Flask app that uses the developer API on the backend within a custom webapp.

The Platform That Provides

The Kasm Platform takes care of everything so you can focus on your application.

Single Sign-on

Use SAML authentication to secure access to user streamed containers.

Web Filtering

If the application you are streaming can generate web traffic, Kasm has a built in forward proxy with whitelisting, blacklisting, and URL categorization to ensure users can only do things inside your environment that are authorized.

Group Based Policies

Control every detail of your environment based on settings applied to groups. Nested groups allow for complex and finite control over the look, feel, behavior, and security settings for each user environment.


Stream containerized apps to any modern browser.

Auto Scale

Dynamically scale compute resources with support for AWS and Digital Ocean.


Kasm has built-in centralized logging and integrates natively with Splunk and other tools that support web based logging.


Casting allows for authenticated or unauthenticated sessions accessible via a simple URL.

Shared Sessions

Share a single containerized UI app with multiple users.

Lightning Fast

Kasm is already fast when provisioning new environments for users. Additionally, the platform supports pre-staging of dynamically created cloud resources and pre-staging of containers. With these features enabled, end-users experience an instant remote environment streamed to their browser.