Kasm Technologies

Kasm Technologies LLC was founded in 2017, focused on providing secure collaboration and data loss prevention for high-security US Federal & DoD programs. This core technology provides the foundation for our Workspaces platform and enables our remote workspaces, browser isolation and application streaming capabilities. In 2020, Kasm Technologies Inc was established to bring our containerized workload orchestration capabilities to the commercial market and open source communities. We are a privately held small business based out of McLean, Virginia.

Kasm Technologies Office Location in McLean, Virginia

Our Team

Kasm Technologies is led by a team of engineers experienced in developing cybersecurity tools and platforms for the federal government and private sectors. Our Workspaces platform and open source projects were developed with a focus on security, privacy and use a modern devops approach. Our team's experience in offensive/defensive cyber operations, rapid prototyping and cutting-edge technology provides us a unique perspective on how to provide reliable, private and secure communications.

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Industries Trusting Kasm

Kasm supports customers across a wide breadth of industries, including the Defense Sector, Financial, Accounting/Legal, Industrial, Energy, Education, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence and Technology Startups.

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1765 Greensboro Station Pl STE 900
McLean, Virginia 22102
+1 571-444-KASM (5276)