Session Sharing

Administrators can allow users to place an existing session in sharing mode which will generate a unique URL for the session. This URL can be used by other authenticated users to join a room that has chat and a view-only stream of the session. Any authenticated user may join a shared session if the URL is known.


Shared Session

Shared Session Group Settings

In order to place a session in sharing mode, the user must have the allow_kasm_sharing Group Setting configured to True (Default: False).

Additional Group Settings may also be configured:

  • shared_session_full_control (Default: False) - When enabled, all users who join the shared session will have the ability to control the mouse and keyboard input. (not recommended)

  • lock_sharing_video_mode (Default: True) - When enabled, the resolution and aspect ratio for the session is fixed to 720p. These defaults are best for bandwidth consumption and to ensure all users have a consistent experience. When disabled, the owner of the session is allowed to change the video setting back to the defaults where the resolution changes to fit the owners window.


Shared Session Group Settings

Initiating a shared session

  • Launch a Kasm session

  • Expand the control panel and click the Share Instance button.

  • Click Share Session


Configuring a shared session

  • A URL will be generated. Give this URL to the desired users.


Configuring a shared session