Reverse Proxies

If running Kasm behind a reverse proxy such as NGINX, please consult the Reverse Proxy Guide The reverse proxy used, must support WebSockets, and the Zone configuration must also be updated accordingly.

If users can access the Kasm Workspaces UI, but cannot connect to a session, then run through the advanced connection troubleshooting steps.

If users are not able to access the Kasm Workspaces UI at all, the first step would be to ensure that Kasm Workspaces is accessible directly, without going through the reverse proxy. Next, ensure that from your reverse proxy you can curl Kasm Workspaces.

curl -k https://<ip-address>:<port>/api/__healthcheck
{"ok": true}

Replace <ip-address> with the IP address of one of your Kasm WebApp servers and <port> with the port that Kasm Workspaces is listening on, by default that is 443. Repeat this test for all WebApp servers and on all reverse proxies you have in front of Kasm Workspaces.

If you are able to access Kasm Workspaces directly and you are able to curl Kasm Workspaces from the reverse proxy, but you still cannot load the UI at all when navigating to the domain-name or IP address of the reverse proxy, then consult the documentation of your reverse proxy.