Activation Key

An activation key is provided as part of the purchase process for a Kasm Workspaces license. It can be used to license a Kasm Workspaces installation. For an offline installation it can bse used with the Installation ID to generate at license key: Kasm Workspaces activation tool.


The agent is responsible for provisioning instances of end user session containers when requested via the web application. The Agent reports the available system resources to the manager. These Agents are represented in the Servers tab in the Administration tab of the web application. This service automatically downloads all Kasm Images defined within the application so they are available to provision new sessions on demand.


Kasm Workspaces uses a Postgres Database to keep track of application data. The Docker container kasm_db holds this database.


(container: kasmweb/desktop) The default base desktop configuration based on ubuntu 16.04. This base image contains all the necessary configurations to allow this container to function within the Kasm ecosystem. All additional images are based off this base image.

Desktop Deluxe

(container: kasmweb/desktop-deluxe) Kasm image that is based off of the desktop container. An example custom configuration that provides additional productivity software.

Deployment Zone

For large or complex installations, multiple sets of Agents and Managers may be deployed in different logical or geographically areas, or “Zones”.


Docker is the platform from which we create and receive containers. More information can be found at Docker’s Homepage


(container: kasmweb/firefox) Kasm image that is based off of the desktop container. An example of hosting a single application. In this example the popular Firefox browser is used.

Installation ID

The Installation ID is the key generated by the specific Server installation. It is used for licensing Kasm Workspaces. It can be found in the System Info tab on the navigation menu.


End users request to create sessions that are on-demand instances of Workspaces registered in the application. These instances are provisioned by and on the Agent These containers house the desktop or application presented to the end user via the web application.

License Key

Provided by the Kasm Workspaces activation tool and used for licensing an offline Kasm Workspaces installation


This service is responsible for monitoring the status of Agents and end user sessions. Agents report to this service via an automatic check in process. It can be found in the docker container kasm_agent.


This container, based on nginx, is used to forward traffic to the correct service container. The Docker container kasm_proxy holds the nginx configuration.

Share Database

Kasm Workspaces uses a Redis database to synchronize the share chat functionality.

Web Application

This is the user interface for the Kasm Workspaces server. It is usually hosted on the selected domain on port 443 for https traffic. It contains all of the tabs needed for use and administration of the server


A Server refers to a physical or virtual machine that serves desktops or applications using RDP, VNC, SSH, or KasmVNC. Kasm Workspaces is able to manage sessions to fixed servers that support one or more users concurrently. Servers can also be auto scaled by Kasm in order to ensure there are enough servers to meet user demand. Linux and Windows servers are supported.


A Workspace is full desktop, single application, or a direct web link made available to users based on their group membership. In the case of desktops and applications these can be containerized workloads that are spun up on demand or direct connections to KasmVNC/RDP endpoints. Any number of Workspaces can be registered via the web application and can be customized by the administrator to add additional software and configurations. The administrator can also configure the CPU, memory and network resources available to each Workspace via the Workspace Settings. By default several Docker images are installed and registered as Workspaces. See Default Docker Images for a list..