KasmVNC 1.1.0


  • Watermarking added to DLP feature set.

  • DRI3 GPU acceleration with open source drivers (AMDGPU, Intel, ATI, ARM).

  • New operating system support with packages for:

    • Fedora 37 (arm64/x86-64)

    • Alpine 317 (arm64/x86-64)

  • Tar package for installing on arbitrary Linux Operating Systems.

  • Statically link the latest version of libjpeg-turbo for all supported operating systems.

  • Add support for native resolution on high DPI monitors.


  • Seamless clipboard bug fixes for Chromium based browsers.

  • Fixed front-end crash on browsers that don’t support WebRTC.

  • Fix copy and paste of files from inside a session.

  • Fixed KasmVNC not working in Kasm Workspaces without creating a symlink