KasmVNC 1.0.0

This is the first official release of KasmVNC. The previous version was he pre-release 0.9.3. The features and bug fixes are relative to the previous release.


  • WebRTC UDP transit support with support of STUN servers

  • Lossless compression using multi-threaded WASM QOI decoder client side

  • New YAML based configuration

  • Significantly improved FPS through both client-side and server-side improvements.

  • Support for the admin to define arbitrary response headers for the built in web server

  • Support for additional mouse buttons (back, forward, etc)

  • Refinement of vncserver checks and user prompts

  • Added /api/send_full_frame to developer API, forces full frame to be sent to all connected users that have at least read permission.


  • Extreme Quality Preset mode not working properly

  • Fix for manual clipboard multi-byte unicode characters

  • Seamless clipboard fix for Chrome based browsers