Single Server Installation

The simplest way to deploy Kasm Workspaces is to install all application services on a single server. End-user sessions will also be provisioned on this server. All interior docker communication occurs within the single server and there are no special configurations required.

Please read through the entire process before getting started.

For help please see Help and Support.


Single Server Architecture

Ports and Protocols

In the Single Server configurations all services communicate via internal docker networks. Only access to the Web Application needs to be exposed.





End User

Kasm Workspaces


Web Application

Installation Guide

Please review the System Requirements before beginning.


Kasm provides a Sizing and Deployment Guide to aid in determining hardware specifications for large scale deployments.

  • Download the latest version of Kasm Workspaces to /tmp

  • Extract the package and run the installation script.

cd /tmp
curl -O
tar -xf kasm_release_1.15.0.06fdc8.tar.gz
sudo bash kasm_release/
  • Log into the Web Application running on port 443 at https://<WEBAPP_SERVER>

  • The Default usernames are admin@kasm.local and user@kasm.local. The passwords will be randomly generated and presented at the end of the install unless the --admin-password or/and --user-password are specified.


Default Login Window

Licensing the server during install?


If you have an Activation Key it can be passed to the installation script and activation will be completed on your behalf as part of the install. Create a file for the Activation Key e.g. activation_key.txt and paste in the Activation Key you received in you confirmation email. When running the use the parameter -a or --activation-key-file so your command might look something like this sudo bash kasm_release/ -a activation_key.txt. This will not work with an offline air-gapped install, as Kasm Workspaces must contact an activation server to complete licensing your installation. In a multi server install this option only applies to the database role.

Need to install Kasm on a different port?


If you would like to run the Web Application on a different port pass the -L flag when calling the installer. e.g sudo bash kasm_release/ -L 8443

Install Video Tutorial

This video walks through installing Kasm Workspaces on a single system.

Slim images

Using the install flag --slim-images will download and use slim Alpine based service containers. These images are smaller and more simplified yet retain the same functionality

Known application bugs:

  • Gamepad passthrough is currently not functional. If enabled for a group, workspaces will not launch.


This only effects the service containers running the Kasm Workspaces application, this flag has no effect on end user facing Workspaces.

Install troubleshooting

The script creates a log file as it runs, this file is removed upon completion of a successful installation. However, if something does go wrong the logfile will be available from the directory the script was executed from in the format kasm_install_${TIMESTAMP}.log. This file will be important for diagnosing the error that caused the installation to fail and will be requested when submitting a support ticket with Kasm Technologies.